About The Business Whisperer

Hi, I'm Terry Peers, the Business Whisperer.

Terry Peers, the Business Whisperer

Just as a Horse Whisperer is able to tame wild horses with almost mystical talents based on observing the animal's behaviour, I can study your business and detect the patterns in your finances that point to improved success and profitability.

The Business Whisperer concept is very simple: I want to support you, your aims, goals and dreams! While running my own certified bookkeeping practise, I have gained significant insight into the way different businesses operate; I am also highly adept at reading and understanding people and how they think. By applying this knowledge consistently within your business I will:

  • identify the principal patterns for growth that are inherent within your business model
  • specify the key actions for you to take to realise that growth
  • review their success with you over time
  • and tweak them to deliver the best possible outcome.

It is a bit like consultancy, but without the huge bills and waffly reports that state the bleedin' obvious...

The Business Whisperer

7 Grove Wood Hill

Tel: 07903 233911

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