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About The Business Boost Plan

This is our most popular package. The plan runs over a 12-month period, as this allows for the adjustments to take effect and be reviewed, and any tweaks applied.

Here is what is involved:

  • An initial assessment day, where the Business Whisperer will attend your site and shadow the key players to understand how your business currently operates;
  • An in-depth review of your business finances by studying your books remotely - this usually takes several days;
  • The first 2-hour follow-up Skype meeting the next month where recommendations are made for improving your business;
  • Nine more monthly Skype meetings of 2 hours, to review the progress of the recommendations and suggest any alterations;
  • A final 2-hour Skype meeting, to review the overall benefits of the plan and decide whether to repeat the process the following year.

The Business Boost Plan is available for £6,000 for the year, paid in 12 monthly installments of £500; alternatively, pay just £5,000 for the year in advance (a 20% discount).

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