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About Our Whispering Workshops

If you are not yet certain whether the full Business Boost Plan is right for you, why not book yourself into one of our Whispering Workshops? These 1-day sessions will be running monthly from the autumn at a venue in the Croydon area, presented by the Business Whisperer herself. Here is what is involved:

  • A fun event (not boring numbers!), with up to 10 separate business owners attending;
  • The session starts with short and informal introductions to break the ice;
  • Terry will then deliver a short introduction to the Business Whisperer concept, explaining how she learned the techniques and skills required, and how you could apply the same techniques in your own business;
  • After breaking for coffee, the group will be taken through the basic essentials of bookkeeping for your business, including what figures are needed for the Business Whisperer approach to work;
  • After the lunch break, some other key concepts will be covered: data security, compliance, expenses and how to record them, and how finely to categorise your expenditure;
  • Next, a discussion on finding the right level of expenditure for your business, and why it is a problem if you're not spending enough, as well as if you're spending too much;
  • Finally, there will be an exercise on recognising what works well and what doesn't.

The workshop costs just £50 per person, and all materials will be provided. Tea, coffee and water will be laid on all day, but lunch is not included.

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